Exmouth Freight & Logistics is all about providing complete logistic solutions to its clients, both local and abroad. We believe in keeping Exmouth an accessible and desirable destination for locals and visitors alike. Our core business is the safe and professional provision of the following services: Transport, Logistics, Storage & Warehousing and Plant & Equipment Hire.


Exmouth Freight has been operating for over 20 years, starting out as agents for 'Gascoyne Traders' in the 1980's. As the primary transport service in the town of Exmouth, Exmouth Freight Services facilitated the delivery of the town's produce and supplies for the Naval and RAAF Bases and assisted in the back-loading of Exmouth Gulf caught prawns.

Throughout this period, EFS acted as the local transport agent in the North West Cape and continued to do so when Wesfarmers Transport was bought out by the Toll Group in 2001. At this time, EFS also underwent a change in ownership. In the summer of 2001, Shane Coote purchased the Wesfarmers Transport agency and soon became agents for Toll West Transport.

Our goal from the start was to create a business that provided a diversified range of transport services. From our initial business plan to now, our Mission Statement remains the same and that is "To be the most comprehensive provider of logistics solutions to and from the North West Cape".

Exmouth Freight Services realised it's mission by offering a comprehensive range of logistics solutions including air and road transport, vessel services and storage & warehousing. To signify its growth and diversification, Exmouth Freight Services changes its name to Exmouth Freight & Logistics.

Our future lies in the continued development of efficient and effective logistic services from the North West! We will be able to achieve this by working closely with our clients and understanding their requirements and expectations.

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